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Our Trading Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions as laid out below, are considered legally binding (governed by contractual laws under UK legislation) to any person or organisation that wishes to use the services of Marketing Alchemy. The term ‘client’ is deemed to be any such person or organisation using our services.

General Working Agreement

All work created by Marketing Alchemy remains the property of Marketing Alchemy at all times, only the final logo, website or printed piece created for the client is assigned to the client. Final artwork and all revisions remain the property of Marketing Alchemy.

For a buyout fee the client may purchase the final artwork to re-use or amend at their convenience (subject to any image licenses used therein). This cost varies depending on the project and is on application, however we will at our discretion supply any images or logos used free of charge.

The client must agree to answer any communication from Marketing Alchemy in relation to the completion of projects within a timely manner. Failure to do so after 28 days will at our discretion constitute the termination a project and the client will be responsible for any losses incurred by Marketing Alchemy during this time.

Additional Working Conditions

Marketing Alchemy reserves the right (in the absence of a confidentiality clause being agreed between parties) to display completed projects as part of our portfolio. Marketing Alchemy reserves the right to refuse to work on any commission deemed to be offensive, illegal, inciting of hatred either racial, religious or ethnic.

The total liability assumed by Marketing Alchemy to the client under any circumstances, including negligence, misrepresentation, breach of contract or otherwise shall not exceed the net invoiced price to the client of any undelivered, damaged or defective goods at all times.

Use Of Imagery In Projects

All photographic images supplied from our Royalty Free library are only permitted for use on projects produced by Marketing Alchemy. If a client requires extended use of this imagery for other projects not produced by Marketing Alchemy, they must purchase a license from the relevant library owner in accordance with their standard licensing agreements. Unauthorised use is a violation of a license.

All commissioned photographic images produced by Marketing Alchemy are only licensed for the exclusive use of the client. Such images may not be leased, sold or loaned without our express permission. Standard licensing permits a client to supply our images to distributors, stockists and retailers of the client, but must not be supplied for any resale value.

Copyright Of Designs

All designs, images and text appearing on this website are and will remain the property of Marketing Alchemy. It is illegal to download, reproduce or use images appearing on this site for advertising or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Marketing Alchemy.

Unauthorised copying of a copyright image, text, portfolio sample, or failure to give credit are infringements of law and as such can be subject to criminal sanctions such as a fine or imprisonment, or civil sanctions such as claims for damages, accounts, delivery up or injunctions precluding use of these images.

Use Of This Website

The content of the Marketing Alchemy website can be accessed, printed and downloaded in an unaltered form (altered including being stretched, compressed, coloured or altered in any way so as to distort content from its original proportions or format) with copyright acknowledged, on a temporary basis for personal study that is not for a direct or indirect commercial use and any non-commercial use.

Any content printed or downloaded may not be sold, licensed, transferred, copied or reproduced in any manner, or in or on any media, to any person without the prior written consent of Marketing Alchemy, including but not limited to:

  • Transmission by any method
  • Storage in any medium, system or program
  • Display in any form
  • Performance
  • Hire, lease, rental or loan

Requests For Permission

Any requests for permission to reproduce any material from this website should be sent in advance for consideration and addressed to:

Marketing Alchemy
Bedford Heights
Manton Lane
Bedford MK41 7PH

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